Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for the support in the first week of my blog. I was very surprised about the extremely positive response and I am very proud to have reached 500 unique page views on some days, and that I already have 11 followers, not counting all RSS feeds :-)

This is very encouraging and motivating and I will continue with my goal of a post per day (maybe not on weekends though - family time comes first). There is certainly enough out there that deserves a post. I might miss things but I strive to be fast (my "CSI: Rainforest" was the second entry on that news in the web - not bad for a journalism rookie). If you have something interesting that you think might deserve a post e.g. something you are currently working on and are about to publish please let me know. I am happy to beat the press once more :-)

Please feel free to post comments. Feedback is always welcome. Blogs are usually very short (for good reasons) and commenting is a way to add information to a post or discuss the topic as such. I am all up for that. For now I haven't put many restrictions on that function as my site is currently far from being popular enough to attract spam or comments of strange people. Of course an ambitious blogger strives for many more readers but I am realistic enough not to expect to be able to compete with the big science blogs. Nevertheless, tell your family, friends, colleagues, students, sponsors... there is a blog on DNA Barcoding not only for scientists.

Thanks a lot.

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