Friday, July 19, 2013

5th International Barcode of Life Conference - sneak preview

Today an exclusive preview of the program for the 5th International Barcode of Life Conference in Kunming (27-31. Oct 2013). Over the next couple of days the conference website will be updated quite a bit and more detailed calls for participation and abstracts will go out to everyone. I'll keep you posted on all new developments via this blog as well. Stay tuned and you won't miss any news!

Conference Sessions

All conference sessions will be held at the Lian Yuan Hotel in Kunming.

Preliminary Conference Schedule - 5th International Barcode of Life Conference
Kunming, China (27 - 31 October 2013)
 Sunday, 10/27Monday, 10/28Tuesday, 10/29Wednesday, 10/30Thursday, 10/31
MorningPreconference Events - BOLD Update, Discussion Session on Sequencing Methods (Next Generation)Opening Ceremony
1st Plenary Session
2nd Plenary Session
3rd Plenary Session 
4th Plenary Session
5th Plenary Session 
6th Plenary Session
7th Plenary Session 
8th Plenary Session
Afternoon1st Parallel Session 
2nd Parallel Session
Free afternoon & Excursions3rd Parallel Session 
4th Parallel Session
5th Parallel Session
EveningWelcome Reception Dinner at Lian-Yun Hotel  Poster Session & BeveragesClosing Remarks/Cocktail Hour at Kunming Institute of Botany


Plenary Sessions (8): DNA Barcode Renaissance and Global Change
Monday, 10/28Tuesday, 10/29Wednesday, 10/30Thursday, 10/31
Moderator: Laurence PackerModerator: Bob HannerModerator: Wen-Ying ZhuangModerator: De-Zhu Li
1st Plenary Session: iBOL Update3rd Plenary Session: Implications for Biodiversity II5th Plenary Session: Ecological Implications7th Plenary Session: Societal Implications
1 De-Zhu Li7 Bob Murphy13 TBD19 Scott Miller
2 Gerhard Haszprunar8 Alfried Vogler14 Beth Clare20 Linda Santschi
3 Paul Hebert9 Michael Balke15 Tomas Roslin21 Tania Bubela
2nd Plenary Session: Implications for Biodiversity I4th Plenary Session: Implications for Biodiversity III6th Plenary Session: Ecosystem Implications8th Plenary Session: Final Reflections
4 Pete Hollingsworth10 Jan Pawlowski16 Mehrdad Hajibabaei22 Da-Wei Huang
5 Michelle Van der Bank11 Gary Saunders17 Douglas Yu23 John Kress
6 Dario Litjmaer12 Zhu-Liang Yang18 Baoli Zhou24 Richard Lane

Parallel Sessions - Expected Themes

The following are expected themes for the parallel sessions. Please contact us as soon as possible if there is a theme that you would like to see added and/or moderate that is not included in the list below.
1Access & Benefit Sharing
2Barcoding Policy
6Environmental Monitoring
7Fresh Water Invertebrates
11Marine Life
12Medicinal Plants
19Soil Biodiversity
20   Terrestial Invertebrates

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