Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life in Toronto

This weekend you will find a lot of us in Toronto as we join the Ontario BioBlitz.

Just in case you don't know - A BioBlitz is a special type of field study, where a group of volunteers conduct an intensive 24-hour biological inventory, attempting to identify and record all species of living organisms in an area, while also educating the public about biodiversity.

The BioBlitz will happen at Rouge National Park which is a rather special kind of park due to it's proximity to the city of Toronto:

A wilderness area in Canada's largest city? That's right! Not too far from the skyscrapers of downtown Toronto, urban dwellers can see a different landscape where historic farms, century-old trees, peaceful meadows and lush wetlands await you at your transit stop.

Rouge Park is over 40 km2, protecting two National Historic Sites and a variety of ecosystems joining the post-glacial Oak Ridges Moraine, roughly 50 km north of Toronto, and the City's biggest wetland, where the Rouge River empties into Lake Ontario.

So, if a few of my readers are in the area, come out and join us for some collecting! 

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