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BeBoL special issue

The Belgian Network for DNA Barcoding (BeBoL) was established in 2011 and includes 21 partners from Belgian universities and research institutions. The network aims to facilitate, centralize, and coordinate DNA Barcoding activities in Belgium. BeBoL assists in exchanging experience and providing training opportunities.

An early achievement of BeBoL was the organization of the Third European Conference for the Barcode of Life, 2012 in Brussels (ECBOL3), themed “Barcoding of organisms of policy concern”. Although it was originally not planned to publish congress proceedings of ECBOL3, many participants felt that it would be a great opportunity to produce a collection of DNA Barcoding publications presented either on the congress or contributed by BeBoL partners. The result is a special ZooKeys issue on DNA Barcoding dealing with a wide array of animal and plant taxa, and aims at demonstrating various aspects of DNA Barcoding, including fundamental biodiversity research, applications, methodological issues, software, and limitations.

Have a look - it's Open Access:

Table of Contents

Zoltan T NagyThierry BackeljauMarc de Meyer,Kurt Jordaens

Pages: 1-3
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 361Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Eric AlfonsiEleonore MéheustSandra Fuchs,François-Gilles CarpentierYann QuillivicAmélia ViricelSami HassaniJean-Luc Jung

The use of DNA barcoding to monitor the marine mammal biodiversity along the French Atlantic coast
Pages: 5-24
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 521Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Mansour AliabadianKevin BeentjesKees (C.S.) RoselaarHans van BrandwijkVincent Nijman,Ronald Vonk

DNA barcoding of Dutch birds
Pages: 25-48
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 847Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Alba ArduraSerge PlanesEva Garcia-Vazquez

Applications of DNA barcoding to fish landings: authentication and diversity assessmente
Pages: 49-65
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 195Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Jonas AstrinXin ZhouBernhard Misof

The importance of biobanking in molecular taxonomy, with proposed definitions for vouchers in a molecular context
Pages: 67-70
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 408Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Marco BallardiniAntonio MercuriClaudio Littardi,Summar AbbasMarie CoudercBertha LudeñaJean-Christophe Pintaud

The chloroplast DNA locus psbZ-trnfM as a potential barcode marker in Phoenix L. (Arecaceae)
Pages: 71-82
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 300Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Karin BreugelmansKurt JordaensEls AdriaensJean Paul RemonJosep Quintana CardonaThierry Backeljau

DNA barcodes and phylogenetic affinities of the terrestrial slugsArion gilvus and A. ponsi(Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Arionidae)
Pages: 83-104
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 238Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Karen CoxArno ThomaesGloria AntoniniMichele ZilioliKoen De GelasDeborah HarveyEmanuela SolanoPaolo AudisioNiall McKeownPaul Shaw,Robert MinettiLuca BartolozziJoachim Mergeay

Testing the performance of a fragment of the COI gene to identify western Palaearctic stag beetle species (Coleoptera, Lucanidae)
Pages: 105-126
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 436Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Jephris GereYessoufou KowiyouBarnabas Daru,Ledile MankgaOlivier MaurinMichelle van der Bank

Incorporating trnH-psbA to the core DNA barcodes improves significantly species discrimination within southern African Combretaceae
Pages: 129-147
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 276Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Kurt JordaensGontran SonetYves BraetMarc de MeyerThierry BackeljauFrankie GoovaertsLuc BourguignonStijn Desmyter

DNA barcoding and the differentiation between North American and West EuropeanPhormia regina (Diptera, Calliphoridae, Chrysomyinae)
Pages: 149-174
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 235Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Juha LaihoGunilla Stahls

DNA barcodes identify Central-Asian Colias butterflies (Lepidoptera, Pieridae)
Pages: 175-196
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 276Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Angeliki LaiouLuca Aconiti MandoliniRoberta PireddaRosanna BellarosaMarco Cosimo Simeone

DNA barcoding as a complementary tool for conservation and valorisation of forest resources
Pages: 197-213
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 277Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Ledile MankgaYessoufou KowiyouAnnah Moteetee,Barnabas DaruMichelle van der Bank

Efficacy of the core DNA barcodes in identifying processed and poorly conserved plant materials commonly used in South African traditional medicine
Pages: 215-233
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 236Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Jonathan MarescauxKarine Van Doninck

Using DNA barcoding to differentiate invasive Dreissena species (Mollusca, Bivalvia)
Pages: 235-244
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 224Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Jeremy MillerKevin BeentjesPeter van Helsdingen,Steven IJland

Which specimens from a museum collection will yield DNA barcodes? A time series study of spiders in alcohol
Pages: 245-261
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 491Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Zoltan T NagyGontran SonetJonas Mortelmans,Camille VandewynkelPatrick Grootaert

Using DNA barcodes for assessing diversity in the family Hybotidae (Diptera, Empidoidea)
Pages: 263-278
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 342Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

John SmitBastian ReijnenFrank Stokvis

Half of the European fruit fly species barcoded (Diptera, Tephritidae); a feasibility test for molecular identification
Pages: 279-305
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 243Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Gontran SonetKurt JordaensYves BraetLuc BourguignonErena DupontThierry BackeljauMarc de MeyerStijn Desmyter

Utility of GenBank and the Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD) for the identification of forensically important Diptera from Belgium and France
Pages: 307-328
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 222Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Gontran SonetKurt JordaensZoltan T NagyFloris BremanMarc de MeyerThierry Backeljau,Massimiliano Virgilio

Adhoc: an R package to calculatead hoc distance thresholds for DNA barcoding identification
Pages: 329-336
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 214Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Herman Van Der BankDai HerbertRichard GreenfieldKowiyou Yessoufou

Revisiting species delimitation within the genus Oxystele using DNA barcoding approach
Pages: 337-354
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 245Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Maarten VanhoveBart TessensCharlotte SchoelinckUlf JondeliusTim LittlewoodTom Artois,Tine Huyse

Problematic barcoding in flatworms: A case-study on monogeneans and rhabdocoels (Platyhelminthes)
Pages: 355-379
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 254Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

Sophie VerscheureThierry BackeljauStijn Desmyter

Reviewing population studies for forensic purposes: Dog mitochondrial DNA
Pages: 381-411
Published: 30.12.2013 | Viewed by: 222Abstract | HTML | XML | PDF

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