Friday, October 10, 2014

Drinking coffee maybe good for your liver

The beverage on the right is good for your liver.
I am not so sure about the cookies though.
Important news for academia!

Researchers from the National Cancer Institute report that decaffeinated coffee drinking may benefit liver health. Results of a new study show that higher coffee consumption, regardless of caffeine content, was linked to lower levels of abnormal liver enzymes. This suggests that chemical compounds in coffee other than caffeine may help protect the liver. The compounds are yet to be identified though. 

For this study researchers used data that included some 28 000 participants, 20 years of age or older, reporting on coffee intake per 24-hour period. The team measured blood levels of several enzyme markers of liver function to determine liver health.

Participants who reported drinking three or more cups of coffee per day had lower levels of all tested enzymes compared to those not consuming any coffee. The scientists also found low levels of these liver enzymes in participants drinking only decaffeinated coffee.

And yet another good excuse for a morning coffee.

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