Monday, April 20, 2015

School Malaise Trap Program - Spring 2015

Today was the day. All participants of the School Malaise Trap Program deployed and 'armed' their traps. The weather hasn't been optimal this year to say the least but over the last few weeks things started to get better and most importantly warmer. We pitched a trap here at our institute and there are already quite a few insects trapped in it. My guess is that the majority of them are the infamous Chironomids as those always seem to be the first ones out after the Winter.

As last Fall we encouraged students and their teacher to let us know via Blog and Twitter what they are up to and how their traps are doing. Here is a selection of some pretty cool entries to our program blog and Facebook page.

Here a video from Blair Outdoor Education Centre not far from here:

big excitement at the Chedabucto Education Centre:

and even a cheer from John Polanyi Collegiate Institute:

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