Monday, July 13, 2015

A new species a day

As announced previously, my weekly column "Discoveries of the week" ended with issue 45. However, I did not intend to get rid of it entirely but rather turn it into a daily blog under a different address: One species a day 

There are many reasons for this change. One was mere convenience as it much easier for me to have a daily short write up on one new discovery than a weekly assembly. A separate blog also addresses a less barcode enthusiastic crowd and it does justice to the amount of new discoveries the colleagues world-wide make every day. A new species every day might sound like a lot but it is not. There still will be discoveries I won't be able to cover even if I produce a post 365 times per year. And that number is dwarfed by the number of new species we have not yet encountered let alone described.

I thought it was about time to start an independent blog focusing on the amazing new species we find every day during our work as scientists. We are three species into this new series. Have a look and feel free to share the link with colleagues, friends, family: One species a day

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