Friday, August 14, 2015

Three more days

A few more days and the 6th International Barcode of Life Conference starts and everybody here is busy preparing for over 500 guests from at least 58 nations. This will likely be the largest Barcode of Life conference ever which you easily tell from the large number of jam-packed parallel sessions.

Posting on other topics than the conference will be fairly light. I will be running around for most of the time doing my share to make this conference a success. We will live broadcast the plenary sessions and the pre-conference International Society session over the university's YouTube channel. I will share the links with you on Monday. A few parallel sessions will also be streamed using Twitter's Periscope App. Again, I'll have account names for you on Monday. This will give everybody who couldn't make it this time a chance to listen to some of the many great speakers.

I am sure a lot of people will use Twitter, Facebook and other social media systems to send out the latest news from the conference. All we like to ask them is to make sure they checked with a presenter if tweeting about the talk is fine, and that they use the hashtag #dnabarcodes2015. 

I am looking forward meeting a lot of my readers at the conference and learn about all their work. Everybody else should take the opportunity to enjoy some of the live feeds or recordings which will also be posted once available.

By the way, during the conference this blog will celebrate its 3rd anniversary. 660 posts and still going.

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