Friday, September 25, 2015

From the inbox: eDNA Postdoc

Great eDNA PostDoc Position: 

The Center for Ocean Solutions is seeking a Postdoctoral Scholar / Early Career Fellow (ECF) responsible for leading the environmental DNA (eDNA) aspects of the Marine Biodiversity Observing Network (MBON) project at the Center for Ocean Solutions. The MBON project is a collaborative project between the Center for Ocean Solutions, MBARI, NOAA and the University of Florida, funded by NASA and NOAA focusing on the Monterey Bay and Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuaries as sentinel sites for a demonstration marine biodiversity observing network. The work is aimed at integrating data from physical, chemical and biological monitoring methods with cutting-edge eDNA technology to track ocean biodiversity. The eDNA work of the MBON project led by Ali Boehm at Stanford University and the Center for Ocean Solutions aims to develop novel genetic methods to monitor fishes and marine mammals in marine environments. We seek an individual with a strong background in molecular biology and environmental genomics who also is interested in linking science to decision making. Click here or here to apply.

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