Tuesday, December 1, 2015

We're crowdfunding!

Dear Colleagues,

Today is Giving Tuesday, the global day of giving, and we are excited to announce that this year the School Malaise Trap Program will be hosting a crowdfunding campaign through the University of Guelph
Over the past three years, the program has become an outstanding success through the constant dedication of educators, students, and supporters of the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario. Through our generous funders we have been able to reach nearly 15,000 students and over 250 schools across Canada! Furthermore, the scientific findings associated with the program are quite impressive. Over 6,500 arthropod species have been collected by participants, with 1041 of those species being new to BOLD.
As resources diminish, we are asking for support from generous donors like you so that we may keep the program alive! This year we are hoping to raise at least $10000 in order to keep the program free for participants (average cost = $1000 per participant). For more information about our program costs and our goals, please click here.
Every little bit helps! If each person who receives this email donates $15.43, we would be able to reach our goal TODAY! We ask that you kindly consider donating as well as spreading the word by forwarding this email or sharing it via social media. 
To donate, please click here.

All donations are eligible for a tax receipt, and you can feel good about continuing to bring modern biodiversity science to students and educators across Canada. We thank you in advance for your contribution to keep this valuable educational opportunity alive!
The School Malaise Trap Program Team
In the past three years, over250 schools and almost15,000 students have contributed 68,000 specimens, representing6,500 different species, to BOLD (BIO’s online barcode reference library). 1,041 of these species were NEW to BOLD, having never been DNA barcoded before!
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