Monday, March 14, 2016

Open Access: Biodiversity Conservation and Phylogenetic Systematics

Biological conservation has oft been hampered by those who have maintained that priorities for action should only be established using approaches that are easily understood by the general public. The same demand has not been made in many other arenas of human endeavor (e.g. medicine, nuclear power), and neither should it constrain biological conservation. That said, there does remain a substantial challenge of encouraging an informed citizenry around the justification and goals of
using a phylogenetic diversity approach, and gaining their support. Only by so doing will there be a genuine chance of aligning the multitude of biodiversity-critical decisions being made each and every day across the continents and oceans.

This is an excerpt from the introduction to a new book in the Springer Series Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation. The good news - the entire book is open access available either as full pdf or even as epub (which I just uploaded on my iPad). Of course you can also just download individual chapters: 

Roseli Pellens, Philippe Grandcolas

Christopher Lean, James Maclaurin

Daniel P. Faith

Kowiyou Yessoufou, T. Jonathan Davies

Steven A. Trewick, Mary Morgan-Richards

Philippe Grandcolas, Steven A. Trewick

Daniel P. Faith

Anne Chao, Chun-Huo Chiu, Lou Jost

Olga Chernomor, Steffen Klaere, Arndt von Haeseler, Bui Quang Minh

David A. Nipperess

Daniel Rafael Miranda-Esquivel

Roseli Pellens, Antje Ahrends, Peter M. Hollingsworth, Philippe Grandcolas

Anni Arponen, Laure Zupan

Débora Leite Silvano, Paula Hanna Valdujo, Guarino Rinaldi Colli

Laura J. May-Collado, Carlos Zambrana-Torrelio, Ingi Agnarsson

Jessica K. Schnell, Kamran Safi

Nicolas Chazot, Keith R. Willmott, André V. L. Freitas, Donna Lisa de Silva…

Anaëlle Soulebeau, Roseli Pellens, Porter P. Lowry II, Xavier Aubriot…

Roseli Pellens, Daniel P. Faith, Philippe Grandcolas

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