Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Three opportunities to learn about metabarcoding

In case you are looking for ways to learn about metabarcoding, there are actually three different courses offered this year. All of them differ in approach, content focus, and venue but what they have in common is the fact that they provide participants with a comprehensive package that enables them make informed decisions when it comes to organizing experiments, field work and analytics.

This program will provide an overview of the state of current technology and the various platforms used. The course consists of a series of online lectures and research exercises introducing different aspects of metabarcoding and environmental DNA research. We will also touch on the suite of bioinformatics tools available for sequence analysis and data interpretation.

This course will focus on eDNA metabarcoding, however targeted single species detection and other alternatives will also be explored, as they can sometimes be suitable metabarcoding alternatives.

The lectures will cover different aspects of DNA metabarcoding. The bioinformatics practicals will introduce data analysis from raw sequences to basic ecological conclusions. The molecular ecology practical will present basic techniques for DNA extraction in the field and DNA amplification by PCR.

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