Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Barcode Bulletin Reader's Digest

For a few years I am now collecting all citations for DNA Barcoding related publications. With the work on this blog the need to have a database with this information grew and I started to categorize and to keep track of progress. 

DNA Barcoding has long matured. This is supported by the fact that every single month about 40-60 new peer-reviewed scientific studies utilizing DNA-based identification, mostly DNA Barcoding, are published. For me that was reason enough to create The Barcode Bulletin Reader’s Digest which is a monthly electronic newsletter intended to provide everyone interested with up to date information on new publications in the field sorted by the main topics of interest. The first issue went out today. Have a click if you are interested. All citations in this pdf are hyperlinked. A simple mouse click will bring you to the article page on the publishers website.

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