Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Genome Socks

Did you see my post on the Mongolian Death Worm? The specimen photo that came with it showed some mastery in the art of knitting. I am not into knitting so much. My abilities in this craft are extremely limited. More than 25 years ago I was able to produce approximately half a shawl but that was it.

However, I do admire all these knitting masters that can produce pretty much everything and come up with new knitting patterns.

I have been made aware that DNA has also found its way into knitting design. Here I present the Genome Socks (Meema Spadola, 2007):

While watching a TV documentary about human reproduction, Meema noticed how much human DNA resembles a knitted cable. In honor of her first child, she added her version of a DNA cable chart to these charming toe-up socks. 

This strikingly beautiful sock pattern consists of a cabled twist that goes down the center, making for a remarkable design. Perhaps Meema Spadola's unique inspiration will speak to you as well, making this hand knit sock a cozy reminder of those closest to you.
The knitting pattern is open access and if you are interested you can download the pdf here.

Maybe we should show Meema Spadola some DNA Barcodes.

h/t Pat Shaver

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  1. Just received a link to this from reader Suz:
    Awesome handicraft.