Thursday, December 4, 2014

School Project Results

Hurra - our Fall results are ready and will be send to all participating classrooms as I write this short post. For the first time we offered the School Malaise Trap Program to schools in all of Canada and the response was overwhelming as we actually had to turn down more schools than could participate. One day we might find the right funding sources that will allow us to include many more students than some 2500 as this time. We had 59 Malaise Traps at schoolyards for two weeks this fall. Collectively the schools found more than 3400 species which is an impressive number. To put that into context, this represents about 5% of Canada's known and described insect species collected in just two weeks. Imagine what we could do with more participants and more runs per year.

The results are live on the programs website and if you want to have a look at the final report all our schools get just click on the image below.

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