Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year

A happy, healthy and prosperous year 2016 to all readers!

I am back after a two-week hiatus. A badly needed break to refresh the mind and reload the creative batteries. 

The first post of the year is a reminder - the next run of our DNA Barcoding Intro Course will start February 8th and the early bird registration ends on January 11th:

I am also happy to announce that together with our Open Education department I am currently developing a new 4-week online course called Metabarcoding and eDNA. The first offering is slated for this fall. Here is the course description:

Metabarcoding is a rapidly evolving method for assessing biodiversity from environmental DNA. It has a wide range of applications: biodiversity monitoring, animal diet assessment, reconstruction of paleo communities, among others. DNA metabarcoding relies on molecular techniques such as PCR and next generation sequencing, and requires bioinformatics and biostatistics competence to analyze sequencing results. This approach integrates several scientific areas and requires a broad range of skills in addition to the basic knowledge related to the considered research topic. This program will provide an overview of the state of current technology and the various platforms used. The course consist of a series of online lectures and research exercises introducing different aspects of metabarcoding and environmental DNA research. It also touches on the suite of bioinformatics tools available for sequence analysis and data interpretation.

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